Mark van Stone

Mark van Stone ( teaches Art History at Southwestern University and is an expert in calligraphy. Another one of his areas of expertise is Maya inscriptions. Michael Coe selected Mark to  illustrate Reading the Maya Glyphs, a book that is considered THE guide to understanding Maya writing. I asked Mark to read my book and let me know what he thinks. Here are some of his thoughts:  

2012 MayaLago MarkvanStone 01

“James O’Kon’s book addresses a neglected field, and his wide‐ranging discussion sheds new light on many aspects of Maya studies. His training as an engineer keeps the book focused on reality. His writing is full of sudden insights…when he gets to the nitty‐gritty of real science, this book shines. The final chapter addresses the engineering flaws that led to their fall…they pushed their environment too far.”
Mark Van Stone, Ph.D., author of 2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya