On the Road

On the Road with The Old Explorer.

James O'Kon is The Old Explorer but his interest in archaeology began as a child while playing in the Civil War trenches covering the hills near his boyhood home in Atlanta rusted military armament and wasted shot was easily found on the battlefield sites. His early reading interest included classic books dealing with the Conquest and rediscovering of the Maya civilization. His interest in lost civilizations was accelerated by his high school history teacher, Grady Randolph. Mr. Randolph was a brilliant teacher who did not teach typical history courses but delighted his students with accounts of lost civilizations, extinct languages and occult religions.

After finishing college and becoming a civil engineer Jim elected to take a yearlong sabbatical to live in Spain. This was an exciting time visiting ancient cities for a man who grew up in Atlanta, the only American city that was ever completely destroyed by war; just the sight of a building constructed before 1865 was a thrill. Returning to the USA he designed industrial plants for two years until the call of ancient Maya ruins called to him. He loaded his family into their new VW camper and headed south of the boarder through Mexico and into British Honduras where he explored and lived among ancient Maya cities. This is when he first felt an affinity with the Maya engineers that had constructed these wondrous cities. He had questions about their construction that could not be answered by archaeologists. This began his quest for the truth surrounding the brilliant Maya technology.

His investigation of Maya technology continued on a parallel track with his creative design projects. He often traveled to the Yucatan ranging across the domain of the ancient Maya exploring remote sites. His breakthrough revelation in Maya technological projects was the discovery of the ruins of a Maya suspension bridge over the Usumacinta River at the ancient Maya city of Yaxchilan.  This discovery led to his induction into the prestigious Explorers Club.

Additional investigation revealed other examples of Maya technology that are outstanding examples of engineering achievements but were constructed in advance of European technology by over a thousand years. He has assembled his discoveries of Maya technology in a logical order to develop this book. 

 His discoveries in Maya technology have been recognized by National Geographic Magazine and a production on The History Channel among other publications. He has delivered scientific papers dealing with his discoveries in Maya technologies at international scientific and archaeological symposia. The audiences at these symposia have been fascinated with the subject.So follow along on this website and in this Blog and join The Old Explorer in his jounries.