Maya at the Lago 2013

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James O'Kon will be speaking at the Third Annual Maya at the Lago Conference. His presentation is called "ACHIEVEMENTS IN MAYA TECHNOLOGY."

Maya at the Lago is presented by Davidson Day School and American Foreign Academic Research,and will be held from April 18 - 21, 2013 at Davidson Day School in Davidson, North Carolina.




The shining high rise towers that loom above the grand cities of the Maya have always left the observer with a sense of awe and wonder. The visual feats of Maya architecture magnify when one considerers the complex infrastructure required to deliver a dependable supply of water and food to the large Maya population during the annual seasonal drought.
The scientific achievements of the Maya have been well recognized by archaeology. Their astronomy, mathematics and written language are known quantities.  However, advanced Maya technology has received little attention. Recent investigations in archaeoengineering research have revealed Maya technological breakthroughs.  These breakthroughs include the fabrication of hydraulic cement, cast in place concrete and structural mechanics that enabled long span, high rise buildings and the longest bridge in the ancient world. The Maya applied synergistic applications of their technologies to create unique projects that were developed thousands of years before similar European achievements. These feats of technology enabled Maya engineers to stand well above the engineering skills of the Romans or any other comparative classic culture.


The Maya at the Lago website ( describes the conference as "The Maya at the Lago Conference (M@L) is a four-day “Everything Maya” event that’s comprised of lectures, workshops, and exciting social activities.M@L brings some of the world’s top Mesoamerican archaeologists together to share their experiences and current research with colleagues, students, and the general public. The research is fresh and the delivery is easy to digest. Regardless of your experience, Maya at the Lago has an offering that will pique your interest."

Having attended the first two Maya at the Lago conferences as well as several Maya at the Playa conferences, which are held in Florida in the fall, James O'Kon is looking forward to speaking at the conference.